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Trust Report Expands Business Reputation Research Tools for Consumers

Trust Report, an online business research website, has been quietly adding a set of new features to its website. Some of these new features like the new business search application, improved business rating system, and consumer feedback tools, will help consumers more thoroughly research a company's online reputation.

(PRWEB) July 10, 2008 -- Trust Report (, a consumer advocate and online business research website, has quietly been adding an impressive set of new and improved features to its business research site. A more in-depth business search capability, a new and improved rating and review system, and the new "TrustReport Card" are just some of the new features that continue to differentiate TrustReport from other business research and rating services.

Who needs a better business research tool?... Anyone looking to the web to purchase products or services. Studies show that millions of online searches are performed each month by consumers attempting to do research on companies before deciding to do business with them. Getting the right business review information at the right time can mean the difference between choosing a great merchant or local contractor that does a great job or unknowingly choosing a company with a known reputation for shoddy work or poor customer service.

The challenge is consumers often don't know where to begin looking for this type of information. Usually they end up doing a search for the company name in Google or another search engine and hope to find useful links that give them an indication as to whether or not a particular company is trustworthy. This can be time-consuming and can end up providing no real, useful information to the consumer, since business reviews, rating, and other helpful links may not be ranked at the top of the search engine results for the company's name. While there are several niche business research tools like Angie's list for local contractors and BBB to see consumer complaints, there has not been a comprehensive way to see all the information that exists about a company across the entire web, all in one place... until now.

This is where TrustReport shines. It all starts with a simple search at Users can search by either company name or domain name to find that company's TrustReport profile. Each profile offers general information about that company, including basic contact info, company description, and year founded. This, however, is just the beginning of what the profile has to offer consumers looking to find out the overall web reputation of a particular business.

The niche web search tool lets the consumer research the company across a wide range of different types of online sources, all with a few simple clicks. Choices include the general web, news, blogs, local,, Wiki, and Technorati. This feature alone can save significant amounts of time spent searching through these individual sources one at a time.

The "TrustReportCard" section saves even more time. Here, the top online sources for company ranking and scoring data are aggregated and listed in one place. From here, a consumer can click to see the company's BBB score, Site Advisor Rating, Bizrate rating, Alexa Traffic Rank, and whether or not the company uses a network security tool such as McAfee Secure or ControlScan.

Another important feature that makes TrustReport unique is the ability for consumers to not only get information about a particular company, but also to give info as well. In the "Speak Your Mind" section, consumers can share their experiences with a given company, as well as rate the company overall. The "Complaint" section also allows consumers to file a complaint against that company. TrustReport will help resolve these complaints using a proprietary online system that allows the consumer to interact anonymously with the business.

With this new line-up of helpful tools for consumers by TrustReport, it has become magnitudes easier to research a company's comprehensive web reputation.
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