Today, Thursday, May 23, 2019

Protect Your Website from Phishing by Augmenting Customer Passwords

Believe it or not, passwords are becoming more of a liability than a safety measure these days. There is so wide variety of fraudulent activity that occurs on the internet, and hackers and phishers are praying on sites that still use passwords.

It is predicted that most good hackers can guess a user’s password within minutes. This creates a real problem for password protected sites. While consumers feel that they’re safe because they’re entering a password on a site. In fact, they are far from it.

There are ways to replace the password with more sophisticated methods. By augmenting passwords on your website, you will do a great service to your customers and to yourself. You will no longer have to worry about passwords being guessed by hackers, so information on your website will be safer than ever.

RSA came up with SecurID for augmenting passwords. This is a system that relies on sophisticated technology to stay a step ahead of criminals. While many people use one password at multiple sites for long periods of time, SecurID takes a totally different approach that is much more secure.

SecurID generates a new password every few seconds. Each password is only used one time, keeping users of the program a step ahead of the thieves. This program has caught on quickly and many businesses are using it. Right now, it is estimated that over a million people are using SecurID to prevent phishing.

While most websites urge users to change their passwords every now and then, SecurID takes that idea a step further. By only using a password one time, consumers can feel completely safe when they access their personal information on a website.

Other businesses use an augmenting tool called SiteKey. SiteKey’s technology is based on using pictures that go along with passwords. This makes it much more difficult for phishers to successfully fool you into giving them your information. Currently, SiteKey is very popular with banks and other businesses that have sensitive financial information on their databases.

The concept of SiteKey is very simple, yet effective. Customer are able to have a password, but they must also pick a picture to go with the password. When the user visits the log-in screen of a website that holds their personal information, if the picture they chose is not present, the user will know it is not sage to enter their password.

Hardware Solutions?
While right now, these types of software solutions are leading the fights against password hacking and phishing schemes, when it comes to augmenting passwords, hardware may actually prove to be the solution in the future. There is speculation that passwords will eventually be replaced all together, and USB drives and other identifiers will be used in their place. Companies such as Microsoft are pushing for these hardware devices to replace both passwords and password augmenting software.

While business owners wait for better hardware and technology, it is important that we do something in the meantime to protect against phishing and hacking. SecurID and SiteKey are effective tools to help protect your customers that use your website. Using these types of technologies will go a long way towards building trust with your customers, and will give you peace of mind knowing that you are doing all you can to prevent a security breach that could cause severe damage to your business.

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