Today, Thursday, May 23, 2019

Use Paypal to Shop Safe

This is not an official endorsement of PayPal, but it probably will sound like it. PayPal has revolutionized the way that consumers shop online, and we’re big believers in it. While there is still a great fear of identity theft when giving personal information online, PayPal has gone a long ways towards easing consumer’s minds. There are many features that PayPal gives consumers to combat against security issues when shopping online.


Protection Against Identity Theft

Identity theft is a frightening thought for most online consumers. In an instant, financial records can be discovered and someone can use your credit information in order to purchase items. This can destroy a person’s credit in an instant and cause serious stress and anxiety.


PayPal’s email-based payment process makes identity theft extremely unlikely. The process is simple. Instead of imputing your financial information when you make a purchase online, all you have to do is enter your PayPal email address. PayPal stores all of your financial information on their server, and they’re able to complete the transaction without releasing your financial information.


Fraud Protection

Fraud is another fear of the online consumer. There is no doubt that fraudulent activity occurs online, but PayPal works to protect their users against that fraud. With cutting edge technology, PayPal is able to monitor and defend against fraud. They use methods in order to ensure that each transaction was completed in the proper way. Every time you complete a transaction with PayPal, you will receive an email. That is just one step to ensure that fraudulent activity is not occurring on your account. You are able to verify every transaction. If you did not make the transaction that you received an email for, PayPal will not make you pay for it.


Also, the company monitors transactions at all times, even if they’re made in the middle of the night. This allows for consumers to be protected. If something appears to be fraudulent, PayPal is able to catch it right away, no matter the time of the day or night.


As an added step, users can verify their accounts with PayPal. This does not cost any money and only takes seconds to complete, but it allows for PayPal to know who you are to help protect you against fraud. Also, when you verify your bank account and other information through PayPal, you will also be able to benefit from other services that the company offers.


PayPal Protects Your Purchases

When you use PayPal, your purchases are protected. PayPal will even help you file disputes. If you have trouble with a purchase that you used PayPal for, the company will help you make sure that you are satisfied and you were not taken advantage of during your transaction.


PayPal offers the kind of technology that online shoppers need in order to feel safe. It has changed the way that people shop online. Now, most places accept PayPal and is the preferred method of payment for many people.

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